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2021 Newsletter Highlights

As you know we publish a newsletter every new year with information about our holidays, day trips and company plans. This year you can catch up with what has NOT happened during the last year, but at least see what is planned for the future when we are back on the road again. Upward and onward ! Most importantly, we hope you are all safe, fit and well, and looking forward to getting out meeting old and new friends. As always with our Tours and Day Excursions we try to provide a variety of geographical locations, as well as a variety of themes in order to stimulate, educate and amuse. We hope you like what we have currently advertised, including the next Day Excursion programme (July to October) included with this newsletter, though please be aware coronavirus restrictions may mean alterations may need to be made. Click here to read the 2021 newsletter in full. Aside from our wonderful holidays here are a few snippits to be aware of...

Coronavirus Restrictions Update March 2021.

With the days getting longer and a bit warmer, and the vaccine rollout continues to gather momentum, there is at last hope on the horizon that we can start to think about getting out and about again, and actually speak to people rather than avoid them ! The Good News is we are planning (fingers crossed), to start running our Day Excursion and Holiday programme from Monday 17th May 2021 onwards. The Bad News is we have been left with no choice but to cancel all Holiday Tours and Day Excursions that were due to take place between now and Sunday 16th May 2021 due to Government restrictions still being in place. If you were booked on any of the effected tours or excursions, you will be contacted by our office to discuss what is happening, and your options as some of the tours and excursions have been rescheduled. Booking can now be made for any excursions or tours by phone or email. In person bookings can be made when the office reopens to visitors on Monday 12th April 2021.

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For up todate information on our excursions and day trips you can now find us on Facebook. Please like our page and keep in touch. https://www.facebook.com/JAKTravel

Travel Insurance

Since 1st January 2017 we are no longer able to offer you Travel Insurance on our holidays, as we took the decision not to renew our authorisation given by the Financial Conduct Authority for the direct sale of travel insurance. The process was becoming extremely time consuming, bureaucratic and expensive to operate for just the one insurance product we sold, so we have said enough is enough. We will now recommend an insurer for you to contact, as we believe it is extremely prudent for you to be insured, though of course, you are free to make your own decision whether you take the travel insurance through the company we recommend or go elsewhere. It is not compulsory to take out Travel Insurance (though recommended) for tours within the United Kingdom, but it is compulsory for tours outside mainland U.K. and we do need proof of adequate insurance being in place before travelling to destinations outside the U.K. This includes channel Isles and Isle of man and all EU member States. Please note that photo ID is required for travelling in to the Channel Islands and Isle of Man, Northern Island and ferries crossings, acceptable forms of ID are:- Full new style driving licence, bus pass, armed forces ID card, Student ID card, firearms certificate, photographic disabled badge or a Citizencard (which can be obtained from your local post office)

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