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About Us

J.A.K Travel Services are a family firm

Establish in Bradford in 1987, we offer a wide range of Day Excursions, Coach Holidays and Coaches for Private Hire. In 1997 we purchased and incorporated the long established firm or Westercroft coaches on the retirement of its owner.

We have our own premises at Sandbeds between Bingley and Keighley with parking, washing and other preparation facilities.

We are full members of the national trade body for the coach industry, the Confederation of Passenger Transport and West Yorkshire Coach Operators (WYCO).

Our Fleet

We have a modern coach fleet and we take pride in the care and presentation of all our coaches. We have 3 sizes of coach avaialable; 35, 49 and 53. All of them comply with current safety legislation, they are all fitted with seatbelts and for your extra safety they have a secondary breaking system.

All our coaches offer:

  • Reclinable Seats with Aisle Arm Rests
  • Overhead Luggage Racks
  • Climate Control AIr Conditioning
  • Individual Reading Lights
  • Public Address System
  • Double Glazing
  • Kneeling Devises for Easy Access
  • Spacious Boot or Underfloor luggage Space

On some of our coaches you will also find:

  • Toliet washroom cubicle
  • DVD Player with front mounted monitor
  • Fridge
  • Hot Water Dispenser

Our History - 25 Years of J.A.K Travel

2012 saw a milestone reached as JAK Travel passed the 25 years of being a coach tour operator. Time has flown and It seems more like 25 minutes says Alan until he sees pictures of his younger self, and realises that perhaps it is more like 50 years !

From a standing start of not having been in the industry before, and with no contacts or contracts, it is with some pride looking back on the 25 years that JAK Travel now has its own operating base, and five coaches, with 4 being under 10 years old. Plus we have a regular clientele of day trip, short break and private hire customers, many who we regard as friends, “it is one of the pleasures of the job, being able chat to people about their families, jobs, etc and share a laugh or two.” says Alan.

Over the years we’ve covered Britain from John O Groats to Lands End “You can see why they say travel broadens the mind “with the scenery that we’ve passed through, and historical sights visited, as well as the people we’ve met.”

Of the jobs that stand out the Olympics this year has been of major significance, but so too were the commemorations of the Dunkirk Evacuation and D Day Landings, when we took the veterans back to France/Belgium. Real living history, and very emotionally moving.

The coaches themselves have changed beyond recognition, our first coach was a 53 seat Plaxton with a Bedford engine and chassis. A nice clean and tidy coach, but show it a hill and it died...”I used to like traffic jams on motorways, especially on climbs like Windy Hill on the M62, it meant you were going at the same speed as everyone else, not left behind! “remembers Alan “ nowadays the coaches we have don't seem to notice hills!”

As well, the ride is better as we have air suspension, there’s air conditioning, and seat belts all round.
However there are more electronics on board, and if the “computer says no” – the job stops ! No two days have ever been the same, and there’s never a dull moment due to the characters we’ve either employed, carried or met! From fights between brides and grooms at wedding receptions, to Benny Hill type chases through parks – its all been seen & done to add to life's rich tapestry as a coach operator.
Roll on the next 25 years !

J.A.K. Travel can help if you are looking for coach hire, a day trip or holiday by coach. Book just a few seats from our brochure or book the whole coach for an excusion of your own. Call our office on 01274 566 200 or email office@jaktravel.co.uk for a free, no obligation quote.

J.A.K History

J.A.K Travel Services in 1988 with our founder Alan Bonson

J.A.K Travel Services in 1988 with our co-founder Alan Bonson

Holiday in Scotland with JAK Travel Keighley

J.A.K Travel Services in Scotland in 1997

Holiday in Scotland with JAK Travel Keighley

J.A.K Travel Services in Ireland in 1996


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